Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Isaiah's Brother or Sister

I am so behind on this thing which is bad because I told my mom I DO keep a journal and well, this is it. I guess I should record that we are expecting again. I will be 3 months pregnant the 17th of this month. I am already showing probably because I never really gave my poor abs enough time to recover from Isaiah.

Oliver and I are both really excited. I am sick of course, but not as bad as I was with Isaiah. Unfortunately, I feel like throwing up almost constantly, but I have not had horrible heartburn like I did from the begining with Izzy. I am also less nauseaus and have gotten sick so much less this time around. The truth though, is that I absolutely hate being pregnant. I don't mind the hip pain or all the aches I have from sports injuries that manifest themselves in full force while pregnant, I am actually looking forward to the pain of delivery (though hopefully my epidural serves me better this time) because it means no more nausea, and I don't mind the weight gain because I WILL lose it all. I love my unborn baby so much, I just struggle with understanding why women have to go through all the nausea and hunger pains and men get off free of pain, not that I want my husband to suffer. I think I have such a hard time because instead of focusing on getting through THIS pregnancy, I think about how I want a lot of kids and how I have to go through this again and again.

I am keeping positive though and hope I am not sick the entire time this pregnancy. The next few weeks will tell all.

On a positive note, we are having another baby! Oliver wants a girl and I don't really care. A girl would be fun, but I'm sure Isaiah would love a little brother so close to his age. We will find out the gender at the end of next month.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Our Dearest Hawthorne

Backtracking again, I must record a little about our crazy, unpredictable dog.

When we went to visit my parents back in May, we decided to leave Hawthorne in New York since we will be staying there for about 3 months, until Oliver starts working. Since, he loves the woods and being outdoors, we knew he would not mind.

One day, my Dad decided to take him up to his favorite place in the entire world: The 100 Acre Woods. Hawthorne gets to ride in the front of my Dad's truck, while Carigan, our family dog who hates Hawthorne, rode in the back. To make a long story short, while they were in route to the 100 Acres, Hawthorne must have seen some cows and JUMPED out the front passenger side window. He went tumbling as the truck was going at a decent speed. My Dad pulled over immediately and ran to see if Hawthorne was okay.

After 2 nights at the Vet's and a few scary days for us all, Hawthorne seems to be recovering well. He suffered no broken bones, but has some torn muscles and major bruising. My Dad says he walks like an old man.

We are just so happy he is okay. You do not realize how much you love your crazy, energy-filled dog until you almost lose him. Hopefully he has learned a lesson: don't jump out of a moving vehicle. I also hope he associates cows with pain as well, or my next post will be about him getting kicked by a cow.

Oliver Graduates!

Well, I know this happened back in May, but I could not go on without posting this major event in our lives. Oliver is done with Law School, and although I was not happy with his graduation cap choice, I am very proud of him. I wasn't able to see most of the ceremony, due to an active little person, but I did get to see him walk and get his diploma. It was very special.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Here is our little "drama" king playing with his favorite toy, a little table that has little wooden letters that spell his name, a gift from the recruiter at Gibson, Dunn, and Crutcher, Mike Flanagan. He absolutely loves it. He is starting to look like such a big boy. He is going through a stage right now and only wants to be held by me. He cries hysterically if anyone tries to hold him. He makes me feel so special and loved. Of course, it is really hard right now because I am not suppose to carry him until my feet are completely healed. But he makes the pain worth it and we spend a lot of time on the floor together.

Oliver only has 3 days of school left. This coming Wednesday is his last day of classes, and then only 2 weeks until graduation. He is really excited about finishing and starting the next chapter: studying for the New York Bar Exam.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Isaiah Pulls Himself Up!

I believe it was this past Monday, or was it last week, my mom and I were sitting on the bed in my room talking. Isaiah was happily playing in his crib. For those of you who do not know, Oliver and I decided to move the crib in our room, right next to our bed. Anyway, my mom and I were deep in conversation when I looked over at the crib to see how my little angel was doing. To my extreme surprise, there he was standing up, holding on to the side of the crib, smiling at me. I was so surprised that I almost caused him to fall when I jumped. My mom is such a fast thinker and quickly grabbed the camera and I snapped a photo. I will post that one shortly. He has a really funny look on his face.

He is nonstop. He crawls all over and is pretty quick. Unfortunately, he loves my treadmill and is always climbing on it. He also loves to go to the patio door and bang on it, especially when Hawthorne is on the other side. He loves to jump up and down when I hold him and has hit the area where I had my stitches so many times I just give up... We do have a lot of fun crawling around together since I can't carry him yet. If I walk too much, it is a long night of achy legs and sore feet. But I do feel they are improving by the day. And for those of you who know me as one who pushes myself, don't worry, I got the bill for the procedure, and I WILL follow my doctors orders to a T. Well, maybe just to an S which is really good for me.

Isaiah is so much fun and I really have been thinking it is time for another child...then I got carsick today and the 9 months of morning sickness all came back to me. Not to mention, I have lost all my pregnancy weight, but still have some major toning to do.

Well, tomorrow is Easter, so I better get to bed so I can be alert and listen well in church tomorrow. Haha, it kind of sounds like I only go to church on Easter. Don't worry Mommy and Daddy, I go every week.

That reminds me, I miss my mom so much. She was here for 3 weeks to help me with the baby while I recovered and she was an angel. She cooked, cleaned, deep cleaned, tried to teach Hawthorne to mind us, watched the baby, gave me good advice, and just made me so happy. I always have such a hard time saying goodbye to my parents. I was so lucky to be born into their home and I cannot wait to go to New York this Spring and spend some time with them. Hawthorne is really excited too; he loves the 100 acre woods!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Isaiah, Isaiah, Isaiah...

So, Isaiah pulled himself up to a standing position a few days ago. I could not believe it. Luckily my Mom was close by to catch him when he fell. He really is growing by leaps and bounds.

As for the rest of us, Oliver is working on a final as I type. He has been working diligently as always and helping me out with the baby, since I can't carry him.

Well, my mom leaves in a few days. The next few weeks should be interesting. I'm not quite sure how I am going to manage while Oliver is at school. The baby and I will be crawling around together. :)